It is not necessary to have a perfect 5-star reputation, but it is important to The experts at The Digital Restaurant team can share strategies where you can build your online reputation organically. If you see comments in violation of our The strategy should include both proven conventional restaurant promotion ideas and newer innovative ways to market your business. Using stock images is not a good idea as people identify the food and are disappointed when the image they see and the food they get from your pizzeria do not match.The first photo (A) does not inspire due to the low quality.

Local SEO, Facebook and Instagram ads, organic marketing such as social, email and mobile, reputation marketing are just some ways small businesses can beat big-chains. It may not resonate with online ordering customers; while a free delivery coupon should only be sent to online ordering customers.The key is to send RELEVANT offers to specific target audiences.For pizzerias looking to tap into customers by engaging them on their mobile devices, there are quite a few options.Text messages are opened more often than emails, that’s why text messages are a great way to reach your market but you need to be careful not to be too invasive or your efforts will have the opposite effect and put people off.Creating a mobile app for your business provides your loyal customers a convenient way to order and drive up repeat business.Mobile apps are also a great way to place your brand on the top spot of your customer’s mind when they think of pizza, and even when they don’t think of pizza as they look at their phone and there you are.Push notifications are becoming increasingly relevant and a better alternative to text messaging.Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email apps also provide effective channels where you can drive mobile engagement specifically.The key is to have a mobile engagement “strategy” that includes an ideal mix of the various channels.Digital channels including social, email and mobile are the most effective and when it comes to customer engagement while being the very cost effective compared to offline channels.Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest provide a great way to engage with customers and stay on top of mind.Your customers all use different social platforms, so it is important to be on more than one.To stay top-of-mind requires an ongoing conversation on relevant topics in addition to the regular posting of specials and deals that customers see. Follow Jersey Shore Eats on Facebook and Instagram for all of the best cuisine the Jersey Shore has to offer. If you made a mistake with an order, offer an honest apology, offer a refund and invite them to try you again.Sometimes it is necessary to build your online reputation. Welcome to our new and improved comments The key is to create a following on these platforms and ensure you reach people every time you post something.The challenge is having a consistent multichannel marketing strategy requires a commitment to resources and an integrated marketing plan across all the marketing channels.Word of mouth marketing is very effective, and increasing your perception of being a community leader gives people a reminder or reason to recommend your pizza to friends, family, and others in the community.Look for opportunities to sponsor or participate in fundraising programs at your local school, church, service organizations and sports teams. A well-designed pizza marketing strategy is the key to sales growth for every Italian restaurant or pizza shop. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in.